Firmly position yourself as the neighborhood expert

Stop Farming… Start Building
The Secret to Building Authority Within Your Community

Farming your favorite neighborhood is a time-tested and proven strategy for securing new real estate and mortgage business. But passive tactics like direct mail, calendars, recipe cards, pens and note pads take too long to develop into commission earning business… and the expense can be overwhelming.

The Neighborhood Dominator makes it easy for you to establish your position as the neighborhood expert for any community you choose to target.
It’s not uncommon for dozens of real estate brokers to make the claim that they’re the neighborhood expert. The problem is that they don’t sufficiently substantiate that claim online and the public views it as just another empty advertising promise.

Adding a paragraph or two to your website does little to bolster your position as an expert. To ensure the consumer is clear about which broker is the real source of valuable information about the community you need to make sure your knowledge, experience and expertise is properly positioned online.

While other brokers have buried their abbreviated knowledge deep within an obscure website, you can totally out position them with a content-rich, full-service, resourceful stand-alone neighborhood website dedicated to showcasing the unique features and characteristics of your community.

Save Time, Save Money… Get Positioned Quickly

We do all the heavy lifting. We make it easy and affordable for you to quickly launch a feature-rich neighborhood website. Our programmers and developers have combined all the technical elements you need to deliver a robust, valuable and resourceful community website. Simply provide us with your insight and description of the area, as many photos as you would like to include (the more the better) and links to the various resources serving the neighborhood… schools, sports, entertainment, business, utilities, transportation, etc… we’ll do the rest. We can have your website up and running within just a few days.

Our team will optimize your website for maximum online findability so more people will discover it when searching for homes within the area. You’ll soon be regarded as the true Neighborhood Expert because your website proves it. Nowhere else will there be as much information about the community compiled in a single location. Perception is reality… who will the consumer trust the most… a broker with just a few paragraphs about the area, or you, the creator of THE neighborhood resource website?

You couldn’t hire a high-school student or an overseas outsourcer to build your neighborhood website for the price we’re charging. We have over 25 years experience in real estate marketing. You can be assured your website has been designed to deliver the best possible results.

Showcase Your Listings

It’s no secret that most people begin their search for a new home online. According to the NAR, over 90% of consumers go online at some point in the buying process. Doesn’t it make sense to establish an online position as the source for information when these buyers are searching within your target community? Not only do we showcase the community but our marketing platform makes it easy for you to showcase your listings as well. Our Listing Showcase module allows you to build a robust presentation for each of your neighborhood listings. You can include much more information about the listing and load unlimited photos… just what potential buyers are looking for. You can even promote your listings on Single Property Websites, giving your potential sellers even more reason to list with you.

Don’t Wait Another Minute to Establish Your Position as The Neighborhood Expert

  • Create an almost unfair advantage over your competition
  • Unparalleled listing advantage… you can prove you’ll do more to market your Seller’s home than other brokers.
  • No doubt that you are the true Neighborhood Expert
  • Showcase your Seller’s listings on your Neighborhood Website
  • Showcase your Seller’s listings on a customized, dedicated website in addition to the MLS
  • Build meaningful relationships within the community
  • Generate more listings from area sellers who want to be included on THE community website
  • Very affordable neighborhood marketing platform… no need to invest a small fortune to establish your pre-eminent position
  • Build long lasting and profitable referral relationships with our powerful Referral Dominator module.
  • Showcase local businesses that provide products and services within your community
  • Become the neighborhood resource and drive more traffic to your website

Start right now

It’s easy and affordable to get start immediately. You won’t find a better solution for a complete marketing platform at prices like these. Act now to secure your own neighborhood website at an insanely low cost.

We’ve discounted our normal development fees on all levels of service so be sure and take advantage of these savings while still available.

That’s right! For a one-time development fee and small monthly license, hosting and service fee, you can have your very own Neighborhood Dominator Community Portal and complete neighborhood marketing platform.

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  • Your own neighborhood website
  • Up to 5 pages of your content with Referral Dominator
  • Unlimited photos and customized slideshow
  • Up to 30 resource links to area information
  • Mobile responsive
  • Listing Showcase module ($199 value)
  • Create unlimited customized pages for each of your neighborhood listings
  • Feature your community listings throughout the neighborhood website
  • Create unlimited customized Single Property Websites for each of your neighborhood listings (you’d pay $49 or more per month for this service alone)
  • Register unique domain names for only $14.95 each per year
  • Local Business Showcase module ($199 value)
  • Showcase up to 25 local businesses on your community platform with Referral Dominator
  • Domain registration for your community website
  • Hosting on our servers
  • Neighborhood Resource Guide – step by step guide on the best information to include on your marketing platform
  • Referral Dominator Guide – we’ll show you how to showcase local businesses on your website and how to create long lasting and profitable referral relationships with local business owners (this single strategy can have a major impact on your business… don’t underestimate the power of this concept – $499 value)
  • IDX Feed for an additional fee
  • Dedicated feed – Add $299 plus $69.95 per month for a single agent feed
  • Framed for your existing feed – Add $99 one time development fee

Don’t wait, we can only offer these low prices for a short period of time.

This is more than just a simple website. You’re securing decades of real estate marketing experience and strategies that few brokers, if any, have ever compiled into a single powerful marketing platform.

You could easily pay several thousand dollars for just the neighborhood website. Then expect to pay $50 to $100 per month or more for unlimited Single Property Websites for your listings.

For a limited time you can save hundreds of dollars and secure your neighborhood dominating complete marketing platform for only $299 plus $79 per month. Order now and launch your website in just a few days.

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