Firmly position yourself as the neighborhood expert

“Prospecting With Purpose”

45 Times More Effective Than
Direct Mail, Magazine Ads, Calendars, Magnets, Pens, Newsletters or Flyers
Leverage technology to connect with more Buyers, Sellers and Mortgage prospects.

Too much time, effort and money is being invested in marketing initiatives that have been proven to produce less than stellar results.
Isn’t it time you took control of your business?
Want More Opportunities?
45 times better than direct mail
45 times better than Just Listed or Just Sold postcards
45 times better than an ad in a magazine, home book or newspaper
45 times better than calendars, magnets, pens and pads
45 times better than working the front desk
15 times better than holding an Open House
15 times better than yard signs
10 times better than cold calling and email
10 times better than a typical website
Why Are So Many Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals Frustrated With Their Marketing Efforts?
There’s no shortage of options to spend your hard-earned money on what’s touted to be the latest, greatest version of out-dated, ineffective and expensive marketing systems.

X Direct Mail

Letters, flyers, Just Listed and Just Sold Postcards may help to build your brand recognition but they do little to spark an actual connection.

X Cold Calling

The most intrusive form of “Interruption Marketing”. Few people like to GET a cold call and even less sales people like to MAKE cold calls.

X Calendars & Magnets

Ask any top producer how many listing agreements they’ve signed with a competitor’s calendar stuck to their new client’s refrigerator. A LOT!

X Magazine Ads

Print ads may be a necessity to appease your Sellers but they’re expensive and do very little to connect you with new clients.
Build Your Business on a Solid Foundation
NAR Survey Proves What You Probably Already Know
44 Times More Likely to Connect With a Buyer by a Referral Than Direct Mail

The most effective source of new business is through a referral. So why is so much time, money and effort spent in areas that produce a fraction of the results?
45 Times More Likely to Connect With a Seller by a Referral Than Direct Mail

The key to success in any business, but especially real estate, is to build an expansive Sphere of Influence and give your network a reason to refer business to you.
“Prospecting With Purpose”
Includes a Step-by-Step Guide for Systematically Building Meaningful, Lasting and Valuable Referral Relationships
Don’t make networking and prospecting harder than it has to be.

Enhance Your Current Efforts
You’re three times more likely to connect with a new client through a referral than you are through direct mail, post cards, magazine ads, newspaper ads, calendars, magnets, pens, pads, working the front desk, email, cold calling, signs and open houses… COMBINED!

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do these things, but just make sure that your marketing efforts include a strategy for gaining new business through referrals too.

There’s a better way to Network
Since our first day on the sales job we’ve been told that the key to success is to build your Sphere of Influence. But a vast network isn’t necessarily a deep network. A big network doesn’t automatically equate to more new business.

People do business with people they know, like and trust. Relationships take time to mature. Don’t expect to instantly get new business just because you met someone at a Chamber networking event or made a connection on Facebook or LinkedIn. Referrals are earned. First seek to build a meaningful relationship, then referrals will surely follow.


Proactively Build Relationships
Your market area is full of business owners who would love to connect with residents of your target communities. These business owners are also connected to and communicating with great prospects for your business.

If you can help local businesses reach more customers, clients or patients, you will gain their trust and respect. They will be more inclined to refer prospects because you helped them with grow their business.

“Prospecting With Purpose”
Positions You at The Hub of the Connection Between Your Best Prospects And The Local Businesses Who Serve Your Target Community
“Prospecting With Purpose” includes more than 80 pages of pure marketing strategies designed to give you a step-by-step system for building rock-solid referral relationships while positioning you as the undisputed Neighborhood Expert.

12 Essential Components

Incorporating these 12 essential components will help you build a solid foundation for any marketing campaign in any industry.

Hyperlocal Marketing

Understanding the true power of a hyperlocal marketing campaign will help you achieve exponential growth in your business

3 Secret Essentials

Known and exploited by only top-tier elite marketers, these three secret elements will accelerate your efforts and launch you over the finish line.

Build – Create – Dominate

The step-by-step process to elevate your position as the area expert by building relationships that may last the entire length of your career.
“Prospecting With Purpose”
Don’t Leave Your Business Growth to Chance
Take control of your business with a systematic process for building and solidifying your referral relationships.
Community Portal

Understanding hyperlocal marketing and why Community Portals are so important to your target audience.
Networking and Connections

Three Network Connected
Grow your business with an army of lead generators who produce a steady stream of new referrals.
Source of Community Content

How to create an endless source of valuable content for your Community Portal, personal website, blog, newsletter and social media sites.

You’ll never run out of topics with this easy to follow formula. Your audience will find the information useful and relevant. Your referral partners will be deeply indebted and obligated to reciporcate.

Video Showcase

Learn how to harness the power of video to showcase your local business partners while providing additional touch-points for your target audience. Expand the reach of your Community Portal as well as through social media and video sites.
“Prospecting With Purpose”
Will Give You a Complete Understanding of How to Launch Your Own Hyperlocal Marketing Campaign
All you need to know about hyperlocal marketing and building solid referral relationships is included in this step-by-step guide. You’ll soon be on the path for exponential growth in your business. The strategies revealed will help you create an impenetrable wall around your target community. The relationships you cultivate through the use of these strategies could last your entire career.

It has been said that “your business is only as strong as your network”. Are you satisfied with the size, depth and strength of your Sphere of Influence?

Are you getting all the new business you deserve?

Are you ready to proactively take control of your business?

Order “Prospecting With Purpose” and get started today building an impenetrable wall around your target market area.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Will these strategies work in any size market, neighborhood or community?

Real estate is personal and real estate is local. The strategies included in “Prospecting With Purpose” are designed to work in any market area, regardless of the size.

Will this marketing system work for mortgage professionals?

The strategies outlined in the guide are well suited for real estate agents, mortgage professionals and any other industry where your prospects are served locally.

Can a Community Portal be co-oped by a real estate agent and loan officer?

An important aspect of a hyperlocal marketing campaign is providing content that is timely and relevant to your target audience. Co-oping between real estate and mortgage partners provides content which can be a strong attraction within your target market. The system is designed with that in mind.

Does it take a lot of time to create and manage a Community Portal?

Any successful marketing campaign requires a reasonable amount of time, money and effort. However, dollar for dollar, minute for minute… implementing the strategies outlined in “Prospecting With Purpose” may be the best investment you ever make in your business.
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