Firmly position yourself as the neighborhood expert

The Total Real Estate Neighborhood Marketing Program

Our complete neighborhood marketing platform is designed for real estate agents and mortgage professionals who want to build or solidify their position as the dominate expert in their community.

Our program is a step-by-step turnkey program for establishing your credibility, creating meaningful referral relationships and building a system that consistently and dependably places you in an almost unfair advantage over your competition.

The near perfect combination of high-tech and high-touch, this program is based on the culmination of over 25 years of real estate and mortgage marketing experience as well as the combination of countless fundamentals of marketing techniques employed by some of the greatest minds in all facets of sales and marketing.

  • Position you as the trusted source of real estate and mortgage related information within your market area
  • Establish your credibility as the leading expert within your community
  • Create an impenetrable wall of trust and authority within your market area
  • Help you build meaningful, lasting and profitable referral relationships with business leaders and influencers in your community
  • Consistently provide hundreds and even thousands of touch points with your best prospects each and every month
  • Elevate you as the most valuable source of knowledge, expertise and information within your neighborhood
  • Help you easily and systematically expand and build a more profitable sphere-of-influence
  • Provide you with a foolproof method for meeting dozens of leaders within your community and turning those encounters into a continual source of new referrals
  • Give you an almost unfair advantage at every networking event you attend
  • Elevate your online findability and visibility within your market area

Real Estate Agents and Brokers

The complete Neighborhood Dominator marketing platform is designed to leverage technology and take your local neighborhood farming strategy to an entirely new level.

The key to dominating any market area is depend on three basic fundamentals of marketing… Reach, Relevancy and Credibility.

Once you reach your target market, your marketing message must be relevant to their wants and needs. To make that final step or conversion to actually selecting you as their choice for helping them with their real estate needs, you must be viewed as a credible, reliable and trustworthy source. It’s no secret that home buyers and sellers depend on the Internet for information. In fact, according to the NAR, nearly 90% of all home buyers use the Internet during their search process.

The power of our marketing platform is that allows you to easily connect with more buyers and sellers within your local market area… your target community… your farm neighborhood. It automatically positions you as a reliable, trustworthy and dependable source of real estate related information.

We offer several levels of service depending on how much you want to dominate your target community.

Which option is best for you?

Mortgage Professionals

The Neighborhood Dominator platform is the perfect tool to build meaningful relationships with your real estate partners.

You’ll touch more purchase and re-fi prospects while helping your partners build their real estate business. You’ll also benefit by easily expanding your sphere-of-influence with leaders within your market area.

We’ll show you how to take your networking opportunities to entirely new level. Our Prospecting with Purpose program is a fool-proof system for almost immediately generating new loan opportunities.

Spending just a few hours each week will certainly add dozens of opportunities each and every month.

Which option is best for you?